Training effectiveness++ Service

Training is a strategic activity done by any enterprise to improve specific skills (e.g. technical, functional, managerial or soft skills) of an employee with the objective that the employee will contribute more effectively to the organization. However, many times the trainings don’t really become effective due to various gaps.

With this service, we partner with you to review/assess the effectiveness of the content, delivery and related aspects to improve the effectiveness of trainings. We can even undertake to develop / deliver specific trainings for you.

  • Service Highlights / Value addition to the organization:
    • Higher throughput for the organization from this strategic activity.
    • Higher satisfaction to department heads/ project managers who send their resources for the trainings.
  • Service Deliverables:
    • Customized method/s for the measurement of effectiveness of trainings.
    • Review and enhancement of the training contents.
    • Review and enhancement (or development) of training methodology.
    • Engagement model, if required, to be involved over a long period to track and improve effectiveness.