effectiveness++ CIO Service

This service goes far beyond the IT effectiveness++ Service. With effectiveness++ CIO Service, we can partner with you for proactive planning of Information Technology resources to ensure that they are and remain effective for your business, by engaging at a senior business & operations management and understanding the current and future needs of the enterprise.

  • Service Highlights / Value addition to the organization
    • Working with Sr. Management of the enterprise to build long term and medium term IT strategy in sync with business requirements & plans.
    • This can be considered as fully or partially outsourcing of CIO function. As per the organization’s requirement we can participate and represent organization as a CIO, in external meetings.
    • Guiding the IT team for making short term action plans for IT infrastructure and implement them.
  • Service Deliverables
    • CIO responsibility on medium/long term association basis.
    • Long/medium term IT/IS strategy and plans.
    • Specific policies as needed by the organization.
    • Guidance for short term planning and implementation to make IT effective.