Documentation effectiveness++ Service

Documentation of various types is a very critical need. This ranges from product documents, project documents, process documents, marketing brochures, user manuals, presentations and so on. However, in many cases the content is not really effective and professional. You can hire staff to do formatting part using today’s powerful tools, but there are significant gaps and even mistakes in the content part since enough thought and time is not given to this from the senior people who are knowledgeable, but overloaded.

With this service, we can partner with you to enhance the effectiveness of specific documents that are critical and important to you. We specialize in the content!

  • Service Highlights / Value addition to the organization:
    • Review of specific documents, for ensuring desired characteristics such as consistency, clarity. These can span from business contract documents, functional documents to technical documents.
    • Documentation standards, practices, templates.
  • Service Deliverables:
    • Reviewed specific documents.
    • Documentation standards, practices, templates, if desired,
    • Review of documentation practices on an ongoing basis to improve their effectiveness.
    • Related training, if needed.