Customer Relationship Management effectiveness++ Service

In today’s competitive world, Customer Satisfaction is the key to business success. There are several different aspects related to people, processes and your product and service offerings which impact customer satisfaction.

With this service, we partner with you to find out the areas where improvements are necessary and then we work with you to implement and institutionalize them in your enterprise, resulting in effective customer relationships.

  • Service Highlights / Value addition to the organization:
    • Objective fact-finding and analysis
    • Spans issues related to products/service offerings, processes and people (internal as well as customer & 3rd party if involved.)
    • Action plan for resolution of identified issues and Improvement in customer satisfaction
    • Tracking over desired (short/long term) period to ensure desired results.
  • Service Deliverables:
    • Fact-finding through interactions with related teams of organizations as well as key (dissatisfied) customers and analysis.
    • Recommendation of action plan to resolve issues. (Recommended actions can involve enhancements in product/service, processes, people skills or other aspects and tools)
    • Related mentoring, training/s, if required.
    • Engagement models, as required, to be involved in implementing action plan and to track over a long period to improve effectiveness.