About Effectiveness++

‘Plus Plus’ denotes continuous improvement. So, ‘Effectiveness++’ means continuous improvement of effectiveness. The effectiveness can be regarding specific aspects or overall effectiveness of an individual or a team or a specific department or organization as a whole. While ‘productivity’ and ‘efficiency’ are important, what matters ultimately is the ‘effectiveness’. For understanding the differences between these terms,please click here. 

Effectiveness++ has immense experience regarding people, processes and Information technology. But what makes Effectiveness++ different is the thought process and research it has put in, to develop a framework that focuses on effectiveness, which is what ultimately matters.

We can partner with you to measure and enhance the effectiveness of your People, Processes, Information Technology and more. The keyword is ‘partnership’, since our approach is of partnership, not consultancy or advocacy, in the journey towards effectiveness.

About Productivity, Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • ‘Productivity’ focuses on maximizing the output.
  •  ‘Efficiency’ means optimizing the output for a given resource input.
  •  ‘Effectiveness’, on the other hand, is the ability of producing decisive desired effect or accomplishing a purpose.

Highly productive person or process need not necessarily be very efficient, since resources consumed may be disproportionately high. High productivity and high efficiency still do not guarantee achievement of desired goals and effect. Achieving ‘Effectiveness’ means meeting goals, taking all factors into account!